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veteran owned and operated marine electronics

About the Owner:

My name is Jeff and I started my career as an Avionics Technician/Flight Deck Troubleshooter aboard the USS America before transitioning into the airline industry. My career in the airline industry has spanned over 35 years, of which the majority has been installing avionics systems, and later leading the quality departments for major airlines. 

In the 1990’s I began sailing competitively in Milwaukee, WI and I began to see the crossover opportunities between Avionics Systems and Marine Electronics, so I started a mobile marine electronics installation business. The business did well but, unfortunately, the short boating season in the Midwest was not conducive to supporting a full-time business. 

Throughout my career I have wanted to find a way to give back to those who gave me opportunities to grow and transition after separating from the military so Valhalla Marine Electronics was started in 2020 as a way to help our veteran community and to provide the highest quality electronics installation services on the Treasure Coast of Florida. 

If you are interested in  great values through our store, you’ve come to the right place!